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For the peace of mind and comfort that comes with a properly running HVAC system, enjoy the year-round maintenance and benefits available with our Preferred Club Membership. Regular maintenance on your heating and air conditioning system in San Angelo, TX is critically important due to our weather extremes.

You probably don’t give it a second thought, but your indoor air quality has a big impact on maintaining good health for you and your family. Dirty ducts and dryer vents can affect your allergies, impact asthma symptoms, and make breathing difficult in San Angelo, TX. Barry Hooker Heating and Air Comfort Specialists can professionally install a Halo LED air purification system that can have you and your family breathing easier. Duct and dryer vent cleaning can have a huge impact on quality of life here in San Angelo, TX and throughout West Texas. We offer free video inspections of your duct work to determine the treatment required. For a breath of fresh air, call the experts at Barry Hooker Heating and Air for professional duct and dryer vent cleaning, today.